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Should the Sixers reconsider Damian Lillard?



Article Summary:

Would the addition of a highly respected team leader who refuses to play defense disrupt what the team is trying to do, divide the locker room, or have a negative impact on the development of young talent? It might be a stretch to ask those questions of a guy who was voted “NBA teammate of the year” in 2021 but ask yourself who improved as a defender on any Damian Lillard team? What young talent has grown around Lillard? Even promising young guard Anfernee Simons does not seem particularly inclined to play any defense. Professional sports is an injury-risk business, but we already are in a committed relationship with one Superstar who is a big injury risk and cannot play full seasons, do the Sixers want to pin all of their hopes on two guys like that?

Which leads to the last concern about Lillard, which is his contract.

These talks may make Portland more inclined to move Dame because they seem to be considering a rebuild and he would fetch them a handsome price, but would other teams who are considering trading for him, like the Sixers, be willing to take on a contract that would become an instant untradeable albatross? Morey is crazy, but is he that crazy? Proponents of doing this deal anyway would state that a 2-3 year window of Championship contention, followed by the 2-3 years of potential lottery team play is a risk worth taking. There are a lot of really good players out there who may be a better fit for this team.

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