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Did Sixers Take Magic Lightly? Doc Rivers Discusses

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For a team like the Sixers, who are getting healthy and are clearly playoff contenders, the Magic were expected to be an easy win for them. As trap games certainly exist, Rivers wanted to ensure his team didn’t fall into a bad habit of playing down against a bad team – especially when the Sixers really needed Monday night’s win to help them get back on track. “You know we talked before the game about respecting your opponent, humility, you know? I don’t know if that was it because we came out and played great the first six minutes, and then it all just went away.”

Although the Sixers struggled to maintain their significant lead after a hot start on Monday night, they managed to come out on top. After taking the Magic down 101-96, the Sixers picked up their 11th win of the year on Monday.

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