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Philadelphia 76ers: Predicting Matisse Thybulle’s next contract



Article Summary:

Furthermore, all three are what you would call supplemental players, with only Green recording a usage rating of 20-plus over any of the four players’ collective 29 seasons in the NBA.

Now granted, all three of those players – even Smart – are better outside shooters than Thybulle, and both Smart and Caruso bring ball handling to the table, but when you consider just how rare Thybulle’s on-court set of skills are in the modern NBA, evaluating all three should help to paint a clearer picture than any one player specifically.

With all of that in mind, how much are each of those players making, and how will that affect what Thybulle’s agent asks for next summer?

Well, Smart’s contract is worth $76.49 million over four years and was signed in August of 2021.

Of the four, Thybulle is by far the youngest player at 24 and has already made an All-Defensive team, which took Green eight seasons to do and Smart five campaigns to accomplish, but again, the three other players were averaging many more than 5.6 points per game.

Thybulle is the only player in the NBA averaging 1.8 steals and 1.2 blocks per game, but he’s also one of the few shooting guards or small forwards in the NBA shooting less than 30 percent from 3 – roughly 35- so how much do those two realities cancel each other out?

My educated guess? Thybulle won’t quite reach Green’s average annual figure but should still clock in on a comparable contract to that of Caruso, with maybe a slightly higher AAV depending on the length of the deal.

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