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Sixers coach Doc Rivers opens up on heartbreaking part of big trades

USA Today


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The Sixers sent Seth Curry and Andre Drummond to the Nets along with Simmons and that hurts a coach such as Doc Rivers who connects so strongly with his players. Curry is Rivers’ son-in-law, and Drummond came to Philadelphia because of Rivers. “As a coach, and I think what people will never understand about coaching and, it’s funny I had this conversation recently, it’s amazing how many times your heart is broken as a coach. Not only just from – you have to fall in love with your team and get everything out of them and I do every year and then also which individual players and it’s amazing how many times a player will break your heart. They’ll go somewhere and all of a sudden, they’re mad at you, but that’s fine.”

Even when a player is upset with a coach, it doesn’t mean a coach will just ignore that player and move on.

“I tell coaches, young coaches, that all the time it doesn’t matter,” Rivers continued.

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