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NBA Star Power Index: Chris Paul likely won’t win MVP, but is there a more valuable player in the league?

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On Tuesday, Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer released a wide-ranging report detailing Harden’s final chapter in Brooklyn, in which the growing animosity between Harden and Durant was described by a source as a “Cold war” that “Made everyone miserable.”

Who knew Durant, or any teammate for that matter, would take issue with a disengaged star giving half effort and breaking off from the team to hit the clubs in Vegas and Houston before taking his own flight to rejoin the team in another city, showing up at halftime of games in which he wasn’t playing.

When the Nets arrived in Utah for their fourth game of a five-game trip, members of the traveling party were openly discussing their desire to swap Harden for Simmons.

Harden didn’t arrive at the Jazz game until halftime, sources told B/R. When it concluded and Brooklyn continued with its planned itinerary to Denver, Harden flew to Las Vegas, sources said.

When asked to confirm the account, one person close to Harden chuckled before responding, “That sure sounds like James, doesn’t it?”

The short flight from Salt Lake City has made for frequent Vegas getaways for Harden dating back to his Rockets tenure, sources said.

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